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It is carved out of granite stone and measures 57 feet in height standing atop a hill, largest among freestanding monolithic sculpture. The sculpture depicts the prolonged mediation done by Bahubali. Motionless contemplation in kayotsarga posture lead to the growth of climbers around his legs. In the introduction to his English translation of the Gommatsara, J.L. Jaini writes: “ The grandeur of the Image, as also its serene-looking and peace-inspiring presence, are well-known to all Jainas and non-Jainas who have had the good fortune of visiting it. When I visited the sacred place in 1910, I met some English men and women missionaries, who out of respect for the Holy Image took off their shoes and visited it in their bare feet. They also held the opinion which I have given above. The Image is about 57 feet high and still every limb and minor limb thereof is in exquisite proportion. It is impossible to convey its glory and artistic excellence by words. Any one who has the chance of seeing it personally will easily agree with the hitherto general opinion. This gives an answer to some critics also who call the Jainas Idolatrous. The Jainas do not worship the stone, silver, gold or diamond of which the Images are made. They worship the qualities of Total Renunciation of the World, the Acquisition of undisturbable Harmony with the Infinite, and the Identity of the Liberated Soul with Peace everlasting, which these Images represent."

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