Inscription Reveals Details in recently found Jain temple near Karimnagar Telangana

A three-faced stone inscription examined by a historian, Dyaavanapalli Satyanarayana, in Mallaram of Malhar mandal in Karimnagar district appears to indicate that it was indeed the last Jain temple in the region, also pointing out the patronage of the religion, 850 years ago.

Nallasopara Buddhist stupa was once a very popular stupa

The stupa, adorned with sandalwood carvings, is strikingly similar to the stupa in Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh. The mound, which is about 65 yards round the base, rises about 17 feet with steps from the eastern side.

Round the mound the foundation of a brick and stone wall can be clearly traced about 56 feet to the north and south and about 96 feet to the east-west of the mound.