The Online Compendium of Indian Temples

Sri Arulsomanatheswarar Temple Tiruneedur

The Sun God had venerated Mother Veyuru Tholi Ammai in this sanctuary. As Sun-Aditya revered, She is commended as Aditya Varada Ambica. Planet Saturn is inverse Ambica holy place confronting east. The aficionado can have the darshan of Mother and Saturn all the while for evacuation of the unfriendly part of the planet. There is no Navagraha-9 planets-place of worship in the sanctuary.

Sundara Mahalakshmi Temple Chennai

Mahalakshmi Temple the ancient temple of Sundara Mahalakshmi is said to represent the mother of all the 64 forms of the Goddess Lakshmi and each form represents wealth; wellbeing and treasures. The temple is edged with Aishwarya Shakti, Shukra Shakti and Kubera Shakti. Sundara Mahalakshmi has 6 toes on the right leg Six is Shukra’s number, hence it is believed that Mahalakshmi rules Shukra’s power to bestow prosperity.