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List of all Temples arranged by date of posting

Khudneshwar Asthan Morwa

Khudneshwar Asthan is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva located 17 kilometres southwest of the Samastipur district headquarters.The name of the temple was inherited from a Muslim woman named Khudni who found the Lingam at this location and became a devotee of Lord Shiva. Her mortal remains were buried one yard south beside the Lingam under the same temple roof.

Baladevjew Temple Ichapur

Baladev Jew Temple is situated in Ichhapur, Kendrapara, Odisha. Baladevjew Temple is a very famous temple of Odisha and Balarama is its main divinity. However, Jagannath and Subhadra are also worshipped in the Ratna Sinhasan in the main temple. An idol representing Tulasi as a goddess in a seated position is also present after the sacred seven steps.

Chandika Sthan Munger

Chandrika Sthan is a Hindu temple situated in Munger, in the Indian state of Bihar. It is one of the fifty-one Shakti Peethas, places of worship consecrated to the goddess Shakti.Being a Siddhi-Peetha, Chandrika Sthan is considered to be one of the most sacred and sanctified temples, as important as the Kamakshya temple near Guwahati.

Ashokdham Temple Lakhisarai

Ashokdham Mandir also known as Indradamneshwar Mahadev Mandir is located in Lakhisarai district, Bihar. It is a temple complex having Indradamneshwar Mahadev Mandir in the center dedicated to the primary deity Lord Shiva surrounded by three more temples dedicated to Goddess Parvati, a mount of the Shiva Nandi and Goddess Durga.

Tilinga Mandir Tinsukia

Tilinga Mandir or Bell temple is situated in the small town of Bordubi of Tinsukia district in Assam. The temple houses the deity of Lord Shiva. The Bell Temple is mystically and spiritually stronger than other temples. You will get to see hundreds and thousands of bells of all size here. The bells are made up of different metals such as bronze, brass, aluminium, copper and are tied to a huge Peepal tree. You will also find hundred Shiva tridents speared here and there in the sand carelessly.

Bagheswari Temple Bongaigaon

Bagheshwari Temple is one of the oldest temples of Assam. According to Hindu mythology, this is the place where 'Devi Durga's' Trishul fell down when her body was cut into pieces by God Vishnu, just after 'Dakhshya Yagya'.

Pari Hareswar Devalaya Barpeta

The Pari Hareswar Devalaya is a temple made in dedication to Lord Shiva. This temple had been constructed many years ago and is located in the holy town of Dubi. The great Ahom ruler, Shiva Singha laid the foundation stone of this temple.

Murugan Temple Port Blair

Murugan Temple is situated in the Shadipur, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. Thousands of bhakts (devotees) and pilgrims visit Murugan Temple every month.

Sri Mariamman Temple Singapore

The Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore's oldest Hindu temple. It is an agamic temple, built in the Dravidian style. Located at 244 South Bridge Road, in the downtown Chinatown district, the temple serves the majority Hindu Singaporeans, Tamilians, in the city-state. Due to its architectural and historical significance, the temple has been gazetted a National Monument and is a major tourist attraction. Sri Mariamman Temple is managed by the Hindu Endowments Board, a statutory board under the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.