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Most of the temples available in this site have river(s)/sacred lake(s) associated with them. Just click on the river/sacred lake and you will be taken to the river's description page and the list of temples associated with that river.

Temple Count = 230

The Kaveri is a large Indian river, whose origin is at Talakaveri, Kodagu in Karnataka.

Temple Count = 86

The Godavari River is the second longest river in India after the river Ganges having its source at Tryambakeshwar, Maharashtra.

Temple Count = 66

The Ganges , also Ganga is a trans-boundary river of Asia which flows through the nations of India and Bangladesh.

Temple Count = 60

The Yamuna , sometimes called Jamuna is the longest and the second largest tributary river of the Ganges in northern India.

Temple Count = 44

The Penna (also Pennar, Penner or Penneru and Pinākinī in Sanskrit) is a river in southern India.

Temple Count = 36

The Thamirabarani River originates from the famous Agastyarkoodam peak of Pothigai hills of the Western Ghats, above Papanasam in the Ambasamudram taluk.

Temple Count = 36

The Pamba River also called Pampa river is the third longest river in the South Indian state of Kerala after Periyar and Bharathappuzha and the longest river in the erstwhile princely state of Trav

Temple Count = 27

The Brahmaputra is a trans-boundary river in Asia. It is also one of the major rivers of Asia that cut through 4 countries: China, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Temple Count = 24

The Vaigai is a river in Madurai, Tamil Nadu state of southern India.

Temple Count = 24

The Manjra also spelt Manjira is a tributary of the river Godavari. It passes through the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana.

Temple Count = 24

The Beas River is also known as the Bias, is a river in north India.

Temple Count = 22

The Tungabhadra River is a river in India that starts and flows through the state of Karnataka during most of its course, before flowing along the border between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and ul

Temple Count = 20

The Arkavati is an important mountain river in Karnataka, India, originating at Nandi Hills of Chikkaballapura district.

Temple Count = 20

Teesta River or Tista is a 309 kilometres (192 mi) long river flowing through the Indian state of Sikkim.

Temple Count = 20

Musi River is a tributary of the Krishna River in the Deccan Plateau flowing through Telangana state in India.

Temple Count = 18

The Zuari River is the largest river in the state of Goa, India. It is a tidal river. The Zuari originates at Hamad-Barshem in the Western Ghats.

Temple Count = 15

The Shipra, also known as the Kshipra, is a river in Madhya Pradesh state of central India.

Temple Count = 15

The river Arasalar is a branch of Cauvery which split into 5 different rivers when it enters into Tanjore District from Trichy.

Temple Count = 15

Mandakini is a tributary of the Alaknanda River. Mandakini originates from the Chorabari Glacier near Kedarnath in Uttarakhand, India. Mandakini is fed by Vasukiganga River at Sonprayag.

Temple Count = 14

The Alaknanda is a Himalayan river in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and one of the two headstreams of the Ganga, the major river of Northern India and the holy river of Hinduism.