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Spiti River

Spiti River originates from Kunzum Range, which is located at a height of 16,000 ft above sea level. Kabzian and Tegpo streams are the main tributaries of this river. A number of water streams coming out of the eminent Pin valley are also part of this river system. It is interesting to note that the position of this river across Himalayan range withdraws it from benefits of the South-West winds that cause widespread rain in all the major parts of India between June and September. River Spiti gets its waters from the glaciers that melt at the top of the Himalayan range. The river initially flows through Spiti valley and then meets Satluj River in Kannur. It flows in the South-West direction towards Himachal Pradesh. Beautiful, hefty mountains rise to high elevations on the edge of Spiti River and its tributaries. These mountains are barren and they are mostly devoid of a vegetative cover. Major settlements of Spiti River along with its tributaries are Dhankar Gompa and Hansi.
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