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Bhagavan Shri Dharmanath Jain Temple is a famous Jain temple located in Matancherry, Cochin in the state of Kerala. Jainism came to Kerala in the 3rd century after Chandragupta Maurya travelled to Shravanbelagola in Karnataka. Their followers travelled further South to Tamil Nadu and Kerala in search of places of solitude for their penances and meditations. Some of the local Kings also offered royal patronage to Jainism. The temple is dedicated to Lord Dharmanath the 15th Tirthankar. Most of the Jains migrated to Kerala from Rajasthan and Gujarat for the purpose of business.


The temple is over 100 years old and has a lush green background with coconut and other trees standing as if to welcome visitors. It is an ideal place for spiritually healing or meditating and the holiness and sublime atmosphere increases the faith and devotion of the devotees. They gain inner strength and the ability to face life’s troubles with equanimity which leads them further on to the goal of life namely self realisation and enlightenment.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest Bus Stop is Ernakulam.

The nearest Railway station is Ernakulam Junction.

By Air

The nearest Airport is Cochin international airport.


On entering the premises the first thing pilgrims notice is the imposing temple gate which is a gateway to the beautiful architecture and splendour of our rich heritage. The temple looks colourful and has lots of cut stones in beige colour adding to the spectacle. The temple buildings are beautifully sculpted and even the pavements that lead to the sanctum sanctorum of the Tirthankar Dharmanath is architecturally perfect and the whole area is clean and peaceful. There is a beautiful picture of Gajalakshmi sitting on the lotus placed over the gates of the temple. The pillars here are curved elephant trunk brackets quite similar to the Jain Dilwara temple of Mount Abu. The entire marble interior of the temple is adorned with artworks and beautifully arranged with the sculptured pillars and idols of Jain Gods and Tirthankars. The walls of the shrines have many Jain holy pilgrimage places depicted in detail.


Dharmanath Jain Temple Kochi


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