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Brief History of this Temple

It is one of the ancient temples, believed to exist before 2nd century AD. According to the temple history, the Peetam was placed by Agasthya Maharshi. According to the Archeology Survey of India, this Jaladheeswara Temple is the fourth ancient temple in Andhra Pradesh, which was supposed to have existed long back before 2nd century. This Siva Lingam has similar features as that of existing in ancient temples like Gudimallem, Amaravati, and Draksharamam. The presiding deity derived His name Jaladheeshwara, as He was worshipped by fishermen, sailors, and merchants venturing out on journeys by ship centuries ago. Here you find Lord Shiva in the form of a Shivalinga and His consort Parvathi Devi on the same pedestal which is a very rare sight. As usual, Nandeeshwara is seen before the doors of the sanctum sanctorum. But here in this temple, Nandi is seen at Shiva and Parvathi Devi by sideway glances.

Sculpture in this Temple

The Temple has many more beautiful Idols of Lord Ugra Narasimha, Lord Kalabhairava who are seen as Dwarapalakas, and Saraswati Matha and others. The Idol of Saraswathi resembles Mohenjadara image and is unique in many respects. It houses all the worshipful deities inappropriate shrines.


Jaladheeswara Temple Ghantasala

Temple Events
Temple Events
Events related to this Temple


Temple Timings
Temple Timings
Timings of this Temple

06.00 am to 09:30 pm.

By Road

Govt Buses and private travel buses from all places in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are available to reach this Jaladheeswara Temple in Ghantasala.

By Rail

The nearest Railway station to the temple is Machilipatnam Railway Station which is 27 km away. From here auto-rickshaws or govt buses are available to the Temple.

By Air

The nearest airport to the temple is Vijayawada which is 50 km away.From here Govt buses, private travel buses and private taxis are available to reach the Temple in Ghantasala.

Extra Information
Salient features of the temple: It is the only temple in the world to have lords Siva and Parvati on a single peetam. According to the temple history, the peetam was placed by Agastya maharshi. Nandeeshwara is more beautiful and realistic in this temple. This temple darshan has the same pious effect equivalent to Darshanam of Dwadasa jyotirlingams (12) and Astadasa Shakti Peetams (18) due to the placement of Siva and Parvati on a single peetam. The devotees believe that jaladeeshwara abhisheka theertham is a cure for many diseases.

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