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Prayaga Madhaveswari is one of the 18 Shaktippethas. She is also called as Lalita Sthala Purana of Prayaga : Prayaga means Prakrishta Yaga, that means it is the place where Lord Brahma did a very great Yaga. Hence its name became Prayaga. Locally she is called Alopi Mata


There are mainly three stories about the word Alopi. They are, 

1)Alopi means the one who disappeared. After Sati dahana and Dhaksha Yagna destruction, Lord Siva disturbed mentally and lifted Satidevi’s body and roaming without any destination. Lord Vishnu cut Sati Devi body parts by using Sudarshana Chakra. Every place, where Sridevi's body part fell, became a Shaktipeeth. Prayaga is the last place, where last part of Sati devi’s body fell on the ground. Here Sati Devi body became disappeared, hence the name Alopi. 

2)There are some other stories about Alopi mata. In every temple, at least one idol or one symbol will be there for worshipping the goddess. But here, there is no idol or symbol. We have to imagine the goddess present on a wooden jhula. Hence the name Alopi. 

3)According to a local story, Alopi mata is a newly married bride. She disappeared from pallaki when robbers attącked the marriage troop. As the bride disappeared as a miracle, she is worshipped as Alopi mata. S

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

Near Bus Stand Daraganj

Nearby Railway Station Allahabad

By Air

Nearby Airport Allahabad


The shrine is a simple but aesthetically built structure. The conical roof is similar to the temple architecture of the region. The uniqueness of the temple lies in the fact that there is no deity inside the sanctum here. A wooden doli placed on a marble stand is worshipped by the devotees. Flowers and garlands adorn the area.


Madhaveswari Devi Sakthipeeth Prayaga

Temple Legend

Mythology believes the Mangala Gauri temple as one of the Shaktipeethas. When Lord Shiva's wrath at the death of his wife Sati manifested as the Tandava which would destroy the Universe, Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan chakra cut her corpse into pieces which scattered around the subcontinent. It is here, at Allahabad that the fingers of the Devi are believed to have fallen. It is considered the spot where the last part of the Goddess fell and she disappeared. Hence the name of the deity, Alopi. There is also the local legend that a newly wed bride disappeared when her wedding procession was attacked by robbers. The locals worship her as Alopi Devi.

Timings and Events

Darsan Info: Alopi devi temple timings: 4.00 AM - 10.00 PM.

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