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Brief History of this Temple

The construction of Navagraha Teertha began in January 2005 and the carving of the monolithic statue and other statues alone had lasted one year. The work was supervised by Sri Gunadhar Nandi Maharaj, supported by Sri Dharmasena Bhattaraka swamiji and hundreds of volunteers with donations from philanthropists. Navagraha Teertha, which is located at Varur, a hamlet just 29 km from Hubli-Dharwad city, has become an important place on the tourism map of the state, drawing huge crowds from all over the country. Navagraha Teertha, which is spread over 45 acres adjacent to the Pune-Bangalore Road, was set up by the Jain community with the help of people from other communities. It has been established largely through the efforts of Shri Gunadhar Nandi Maharaj. It houses the 61-ft, 185-tonne monolithic statue of Shri Parshvanatha Teerthankar in the Kayotsarga Mudra mounted on a 48-ft pedestal making its total height 109 feet. It is believed that the graha dhoshas of nine planets can be conciliated by worshiping following nine tirthankars


Navagraha Jain Temple Hubli

Temple Events
Temple Events
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Mahamastakabhisheka, Mahavir Jayanti

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