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Brief History of this Temple

This is an old Shiva Temple known as “KETHAKI SANGAMESHWARA SWAMY” situated at Jharasangam Village & Mandal, Medak District. The Shiva Lingam is said to have been established by “Lord Brahma”. It is said that Raja ”Kupendra” king of Surya Vamsha during “Krutha Yug” was ailing from skin disease has not found any remedies ti get cure of his disease. One day in his routine hunting it happened to reach the Kethaki Vanam and found a stream, where he washed his body. After reaching home he found that the skin disease was completely cured and in the same night Lord “Sangameshwara” appeared in a dream, asked the Raja to construct sanitorium over “Shiva Lingam”. The Raja Kupendra constructed the temple over “Shiva Lingam” and converted the stream into a “pushkarini” and it is also called as “Astha Theertha Amrutha Gundam”. It is also called as “Dakshina Kasi”.

Due to historical and religious importance, the people from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh visit the temple and pay homage to Lord, and perform “Gunda Pooja”. It is also said that Brahma after creating the world came to the spot for meditation. Since the existing “Bhanakara Lingam” has been got installed by Brahma, Pujas are being performed by “Kethaki” Flowers , and also the Pushkarini which is consisting of eight theerthas the Lord is called as “Kethaki Sangameshwara.

Temple Legend
Temple Legend
Legends related to this Temple

Temple dates to Mahabharatha period, Pandavas were exiled to the forest after losing their kingdom to Kauravas in the gambling. During their travel, they reached the place where Krishna and Tungabadhra are merging and was impressed with nature and started residing here for sometime. Dharmaraju, Elder of Pandavas asked Bheema to bring Siva Idol from Kashi to offer prayers at this place. On his brother's request Bheema brough the Idol from Kasi after praying to Annapurna Kasi Viswanatha Swamy. Dharmaraju installed the Idol at the junction of Krishna and Thungabadhra rivers and offered prayers. As Siva Linga was installed at the confluence of the two rivers, Lord here called by Sangameswara Swamy.


Sangameswara Swamy Temple Muchumarri

Temple Events
Temple Events
Events related to this Temple


By Road

A direct bus is available from Kurnool to Alampuram. From Alampuram, one can reach this temple either by walk or horse cart. From Palamuru one can reach by bus to Kollampuram via Nagar Kurnool. From Kollampuram there is a bus to Chellapadu village, one should get down at Ayyavari palle. From here it is 2 km, one can reach Temple either by walk or bullock carts.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kurnool Railway Station.

By Air

The nearest airport is Hyderabad

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