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Brief History of this Temple

According to the Hindu belief, one has to visit four dhams to wash away sins and attain moksha. The four dhams are Jagannath in the east, Dwarka in the west, Rameswaram in the south and Badrinath in the north. But the Solophok hills in Sikkim holds religious significance as it houses the replicas of all four dhams under one roof. The 18-feet statue of Kirateshwar in the complex is the hunter incarnation of Lord Shiva.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva after losing Sati in Agnikund had gone into seclusion and became a hunter in the forests of Sikkim. This incarnation of Lord Shiva is worshipped by the locals in Sikkim. History also has it that during the Kurukshetra war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, Arjuna worshipped Lord Shiva in Indrakeel . While Arjuna was praying, a boar appeared before him which was being hunted by Kirateshwar. The boar was killed by two arrows shot by Arjuna and Kirateshwar simultaneously. A dispute ensued as to who shot the boar first. Lord Shiva, pleased with Arjuna manifested himself and blessed Arjuna for his bravery. It is said that his blessing helped the Pandavas win the war against the Kauravas. It is in the fitness of things that Sikkim’s pilgrimage sites draw large numbers of devotees every year.

Sculpture in this Temple

The temple complex is divided into four parts: A 108ft tall statue of Lord Shiva along with 12 jyotirlingas; replicas of Char Dhams; an 18ft statue of Lord Kirateshwar and a Sai Baba mandir. The 108ft tall statue of Lord Shiva stands out at Siddeshwara Dham.


Siddheswar Dham Sikkim

Temple Events
Temple Events
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Temple Timings
Temple Timings
Timings of this Temple

8 AM to 7 PM

By Rail

The nearest railway station to char Dham is Darjeeling Train Station which is 16 km away from Char Dham.

By Air

The nearest airport to Char Dham is Bagdogra air force base airport ,baghdogra which is 54 km away from Char Dham .

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