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The ancient temple of Lord Veereswara Swamy and Goddess Bhadrakali is located in this village. The people all around believe that if a person who is not married visits the temple just for once he or she will get a suitable proposal for marriage at the earliest. Similarly, childless couples also pray at this temple so that they may be blessed with children


Based on one story, the ruler of Peddapuram used to send mangoes to Lord Veerabhadra Swamy to perform poojas and marriages. As there were no transport facilities in those days, the person who carried the mangos to Lord Veerabhadra Swamy could not tolerate the hunger and ate one mango. After that, the person went to Muni Mandali and performed the Abhisheka, Kumkuma poojas and Kalyanams to Lord Veerabhadra Swamy in the name of Peddapuram Sanstan. After worshipping, he returned to Peddapuram with the prasadam and kumkuma. That same night Swamy appeared in the dreams of Peddapuram Raja and told him that only one mango was received by him and the rest were not received and he disappeared. Then the Raja ordered his servant to bring the Brahman who went to Muni Mandali with mangoes. The Brahman came and asked him the reason for his order. Then the king said that Shri Veerabhadra Swamy appeared in his dreams and told him that only one mango was received and rest were not received by him. Then the Brahman bowed to the king and confessed his guilt for eating one mango out of hunger. After hearing this, the Maha Raja ordered to help that Brahman financially. After few days, the Maha Raja went to Muni Mandali to witness Lord Veerabhadra Swamy and he took his meals in the house of old Brahman. The old Brahman has served the food what they were eating.

According to another story, Sambanna and Ramanna were working in the jail of Hyderbad Nawab. But they were staunch followers of the Shri Veerabhadra swamy. Due to their bhakthi, they have not sent the amount to the Nawab and performed Nitya Kalyanam to the Swamy. One day the Hyderabad Nawab enquired about the income and expenditure of Kesanakurru. For that the Diwan informed the Nawab, that no amount was received from Kesanakurru. Then the Nawab sent a word to Sambanna and Ramanna to show the account. When Nawab verified the records and knew that the whole amount was spent for the Nitya Kalyanam of Lord Veerabhadra Swamy, the Nawab got angry with them and sent them to jail. They avoided having meals and always prayed the Lord and spent the time in jail. Pleased by this, Lord appeared before both of them. He promised them for their release from the jail. Lord Shiva appeared to the Nawab in his dreams and told him to release them from the jail, as otherwise his kingdom would be destroyed. Hence, Nawab released both of them from the jail but asked them to repay the amount. They said that the amount was spent and hence there was no money with them. Then the Nawab ordered to whip them. When the servants whipped the Sambanna and Ramanna, the Nawab felt the whip. With this the Nawab understood the order of Lord Veerabhadra Swamy who appeared in his dreams and requested him to send both of them to Kesanakurru and spend the whole amount for the Nitya Kalyanam of Swamy and send the balance amount if any. Accordingly, he had given an order and sent them honorably with the help of the servants.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest bus stop is Muramalla.

The nearest railway station is Kakinada Port&Kakinada Town Junction 32 kilometres

By Air

The Nearest airport is Rajahmundry Airport 54 km away.


Sri Badrakali Sametha Sri Veereswara Swamy Muramalla

Temple Legend

In Muramalla temple goddess Badrakali is present on the same flatform, to pacify Veerabhadra Swamy. This is unique and you cannot see this in any other temple. Here Nithyakalyanam is performed to VeereswaraSwamy and SriBadrakali. Everyday in the early hours, Veereswara Swamy is made as a bridegroom and at night 7.00pm they perform marriage and is followed by Pavalipuseva . It is believed that Veereswara Swamy gets anger if marriage ritual is not performed. They do it in a traditional way. They take the deities around the village before kalyanam, so be there by 6.00pm. You can also go with the procession.                 You have to book tickets in advance for performing kalyanam as they do it by your nakshatram. Only 27 people are allowed per day. All the 27 tickects will be full everyday. Many devootes come and perform kalyanam and later on get married to a good partner. It is belived that by performing kalyanam in Muramalla, those who are not married will get married in an year and those who are married will have good understanding between couple and will have good children. They will also get rid of health problems.                 Bhadrakali SamethaVeereswara Swamy temple in Muramalla is famous for this kalyanam and people believe a lot in it. Devotees should carry 2 garlands, bananas, beetlenuts, beetle leaves. Show your ticket in the temple office so that they will other arrangements.  

Extra Information

CONTACT INFO: Phone. No: 08856-278136; 9391427360; 9494158846; 08856-278424 Email Id : Eomuramalla@Gmail.com Not much accommodation facilities are available in the town of Muramalla as it is a small town. There are very few temple accommodations available. If you want to stay in the temple overnight you need to write to the Executive office for the permission.

Timings and Events

Maha Shivaratri Festival – February/March

Annual Brahmotsavam

Laksha Rudraksha Festival

Pushkaranadi Jalabhishekam


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