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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This Temple consists of a pillared hall and garbhagriha. This temple is famous for Astahmuki Puskharini on top of the hill, constructed in an octagonal shape. The temple was built during the Rastrakuta times and renovated during the period of Western Chalukyas, Kakatiyas and later rulers.


Shri Nimbachalam is one of the famous hill shrine temples of Lord Shri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy. This hill shrine is located in Nizamabad District of Andhra Pradesh 5 kilometres away from the temple town of Bheemgal. The main temple cave is situated on the pious, sacred Hillock that shines with a golden tower. This Sthalapurana, with the name of Shriman Nimbachala Mahatmyam, is in the “Brahma Vyvarthaka Puranam” which is one amongst the “Ashtadasa Puranas”. According to Sthalapurana, this hillock is two yojanas away on the south side of Goutami river.This Puranam says that Lord Nrusimha was pleased by the penance of Brahma and Prahlada and upon their prayer, he has conceded their wish to stay back on that sacred hill. Shri Nrusimha Swamy, with his consort Shri Mahalaxmi sitting on his left thigh, is accompanied by Naranarayana and Parama Vaishnava Hanuman, Bhagavathothama Garuda and Shri Man Madhwacharya. It is the second temple in India after Badrinath where Swayambhu Nara Narayana are worshipped at one place. In order to serve His Holiness, the gods from heaven have taken the shapes of rocks and trees on the hillock. In the early days, this Puranam was told by the great Rishi Sutha to Shounakadi rishis, by Shri Vedavyasa deva to Janamejaya raja, Markandeya to Maharaja Chandragupta, by Vashishtha Mahamuni to Mandhata Maharaja as katha-parampara in detail. The word Nimbachalam is the combination of two Sanskrit words “Nimba” and “Achalam”. “Nimba” literally means “Neem” tree and “Achalam” means "one that does not has movement or life a hill". As it was covered by Neem trees it got this name.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest bus stop is Bheemgal

The nearest railway station is INDALVAI

By Air

The nearest airport is Shamshabad Hyderabad.


Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Bheemgal


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