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Shrikhand Mahadev, one of the toughest pilgrimages in India, is known for Lord Shiva in Hindu Mythology. It also makes a thrilling and adventurous trek in Himachal. It takes you amidst the lavish and beautiful setup of mighty Himalayas to the top of the Shrikhand Mahadev peak at a height of 16900 feet above the sea level. This holy destination is situated Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

This road route is from Delhi. So from Delhi go to Chandigarh and reach Shimla. From Shimla go to Narkanda, Nirmand and Bagi Pul. The total drive up to this is of 9 hrs. From Bagi, Pur goes to Sindhwar - Bhimdwari - Nain Sarovar - Shrikhand Mahadev. This total drive is again of about 22 hrs.

Nearest railyway station is at Shimla. Then from there you have to go by road

By Air

The nearest airport is at Jubbarhatti, Shimla.


Srikhand Mahadev Trek Kullu

Temple Legend

According to Hindu mythology, Bhasamasur did a hard penance and meditated for several years before the Mahadev or Lord Shiva became pleased with him. When Bhasamasur tried to use the bhasama kangan on Lord Shiva due to his pride and ego, Mahadev vanished into a cave and later appeared on a hilltop that is presently known as the Srikhand Mahadev Peak presently and the cave into which he had vanished is known as Devdank and is situated near Nirmand.

Extra Information

The rock-made shiva lingam is around 70 feet in height and situated at an elevation of 19,000 feet above sea level. The yatra is steep and there is low oxygen on the top. This pilgrimage tour is also popular as Shrikhand Kailash Yatra in Himachal Pradesh. The dates for the yatra or pilgrimage are only between July and August and lasts for 15-20 days in a year. Guru Poornima is the eve when the yatra starts. The road to the peak remains closed after this period. Heavy snowfall and storms begin by the month of October. Travellers need to carry sufficient dry food and glucose with them. It is also necessary for them to get a health check up done before they actually go on the yatra. There is hardly any medical aid center on the way and only Shrikhand Mahadev Seva Dal serves free meals to the pilgrims.

Timings and Events


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