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Temple Legend
Temple Legend
Legends related to this Temple

After celebrating the marriage of Lord Venkateswara Swamy with Goddess Padmavathi, he did not immediately return to the Tirumala hills. But instead, he visited the sage Agasthya's ashram to seek blessings. Yes, even the lord is humble enough to seek blessings from elderly and wise. As it was scientifically wrong for the newlyweds to scale the hill for six months, the lord was unable to immediately return to the Tirumala mountain-temple. At this situation, the sage Agastya suggested that Swamy Venkateswara along with his wife could stay at his humble ashram. The Lord graciously accepted this request and blessed with the ashram with his presence for the entire six months. Later, before returning to the Tirumala, Swamy Venkateswara blessed the place with two boons- The newlyweds and elderly who are not able to visit Tirumala can get the same benefits through visiting Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Temple. A devotee who takes part in the Kalyna utsasvam and ties a ‘kaappu’ on their hand, can find their best, most beloved life-partner or find new happiness from their existing relationship.


Srinivasa Temple Mangapuram

Temple Events
Temple Events
Events related to this Temple

Annual Brahmotsavam,Sakshatra Vaibhavam,Kalyanotsavam

Temple Timings
Temple Timings
Timings of this Temple

5.30 AM to 7.30 PM

By Road

Buses are quite frequent from Tirupati Central Bus Station to Srinivasa Mangpuram Temple.A.P.S.R.T.C Buses which goes to Piler, Madanapalle, Bhakara Peta, Ramgampeta, ThalaKona goes via Srinivasa Manapuram. It takes 25 mins - 30 mins to reach Temple from Tirupati Bus station.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Tirupati

By Air

The nearest airport is Tirupati

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