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The Sthala  Purana of this temple narrates that lord Devendra has founded this temple and installed the existing idol of the Sun God commonly known as Sri Sri Sri Suryanarayana Swamy varu. Sun Miracle can see two times in a year i.e in the month of March and in the month of Oct 1, 2, 3 early mornings 6.00 Am to 6.20 AM, The Golden Sunrays can see directly on the IDOL inside the temple.


It is one of the ancient and all among two suns God temples in our Country. According to Padmapuranam , Sage Kasyapa installed the Idol of Surya at Arasavalli for the Welfare of mankind . Therefore , the Surya is of Kasyapasa Gotra . He is also termed as planetary King . According to the ' Sthalapuranam ' of the temple, Lord Devendra found this temple and installed the existing idol of the sun God is commonly known as Lord Suryanarayana Swamy Varu under the following circumstances. Once Lord Devendra , Ignoring the words of Dwarapalaka Nandi , attempted to force his entry for Darshan of Sri Rudrakoteswara Swamy varu at an untimely hour when Lord Siva was along with his consort .

The Dwarapalaka Nandi in the discharge of his duties kicked the intruder . Thus kicked and injured by the Devine attendant Indra fell down senseless. And in his unconscious state Indra dreamt that he would be relieved of his pain of injury in his chest caused by Nandi if he had built a temple and install an Idol of the Sun God . After regaining his consciousness, he remembered what he dreamt .

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The Nearest Bus stop is Srikakulam.

The Nearest Railway station is Srikakulam.which is in main Chennai and Howrah line. Super fast trains do not stop here. Visakhapatnam is two hours from Srikakulam towards the south.

By Air

The Nearest Airport is Visakhapatnam.


Suryanarayana Swamy Temple Arasavalli

Extra Information

Ritual importance: People come here to offer tonsuring and a separate place, Pushkarini (pond), is dedicated for this. Different kind of pujas is performed in Pushkarini. Kesha Mundanam is done at the specified place. INR 10 is fixed for each person. TTD restrooms are available here. This place is also dedicated to meditation and Yoga. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple. Prasadam can be availed on purchasing the ticket for the same. There are two counters, one for purchasing the ticket and another for obtaining prasadam . Books, VCDs are available related to the temple on payment.

Timings and Events

6.00am to 8.00pm


Ratha Saptami,Kalyanotsavams,Maha Sivaratri,Dolostavams,Maha Vaisakhi,Rakhi Pournami,Janmashtami,Dusserah,Naraka Chaturdasi & Diwali,Teppotsavam,Vaikuntha Ekadashi,Makara Sankranthi

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