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Wedged between 2 heavily forested hillocks, stands the Thalupulamma Thalli Lova Temple offering a breathtaking view of the valley below which is just a sample of the natural beauty of East Godavari, often claimed as "The God’s Own District". Located not far from the famous Temple town of Annavaram, is the abode of Thalupulamma Thalli.


The deity Thalupulamma Thalli is said to be a "Swayambhu" . She is called Thalupulamma Thalli because "the mere thought" of her is enough for the Goddess to grant boons for her devotees. The Goddess is so kind hearted, so compassionate that she doesn’t wait for her devotees to come to her. Just one mere thought of her and she rushes to her devotees and grants them whatever they pray for, ask for. To access this Temple one must climb a long and steep flight of steps starting from the ornate entrance getaway that leads up to the sanctum of Goddess Thalupulamma Thalli. While climbing these long and steep flights of steps, the devotees halt for a few minutes at an intermediary landing where they worship Lord Vighneswara and other deities present there.

The devotees who come here prepare their food , offer it to the Goddess, have the prasadam and then leave the premises after worshipping the deity. Devotees who wish to cook non-vegetarian food during their vehicle puja ceremony can do so as there are a lot of vendors, shop keepers who sell chicken and goats. They arrange everything necessary for the cooking of the food and give them on the rental basis. Once the puja and food are over, the left out things are not be carried back by the devotees but are left behind or given it away to the local people.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest bus stop is Tuni.

The nearest railway station is Tuni Railway station

By Air

The nearest airport is Rajahmundry.


Talupulamma Thalli Temple Lova

Temple Legend

Legend has it that the great Sage Agastya was so enchanted and drawn by the scenic splendour and tranquillity of this place that he settled down here and meditated. It is believed that he used to eat fruits and drink water from these mountains. He respectively named these mountains as "Darakonda and Teegakonda". One can see, even now a perennial stream flowing down from the "Darakonda hill".

Timings and Events

The important festival celebrated in this temple falls in Chaitra Masam (March/April) every year, in Bahula Vidhiya, Tadhiya, for a period of about 15 days and also during "Aashadha Maasam" (June/July).

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