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Tilinga Mandir or Bell temple is situated in the small town of Bordubi of Tinsukia district in Assam. The temple houses the deity of Lord Shiva. The Bell Temple is mystically and spiritually stronger than other temples. You will get to see hundreds and thousands of bells of all size here. The bells are made up of different metals such as bronze, brass, aluminium, copper and are tied to a huge Peepal tree. You will also find hundred Shiva tridents speared here and there in the sand carelessly.

The temple is highly revered in the place because people here believe that wishes come true if one prays to Lord Shiva but after that, you have to donate a bell in the temple. You can also present a pigeon, a Trishul or a bell when your wishes are fulfilled. The temple is almost half a century old and it was said that the Shiva Linga emerged from the ground near a banyan tree which is there in the temple. People come to visit the place after that and prayed to the Lord.
how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport
The nearest Bus stop is Tinsukia.
The nearest railway station Tinsukia.
By Air
The nearest airport is Mohanbar

Tilinga Mandir Tinsukia

Extra Information
Best time to visit the temple is during the month of February to May when the weather is pleasant and also during the month of October and November.
Timings and Events

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