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Ancient Satyavolu Temples Badly Need Facelift

Submitted by Team TOI on 11 October 2017
Tucked away from Giddalur town is the historic Bheemeswara and Ramalingeswara temples in Satyavolu, shedding light on the glorious socio-cultural history of the Andhra Desa in the seventh and eighth centuries. Declared a protected monument by the ASI, the sprawling rectangular temple complex, comprising 16 sub-shrines, stands testimony to the Badami Chalukyas’ love for arts. While the main twin

Lack Of Infrastructure Facilities Affects Temple

Submitted by Team TOI on 26 September 2017
The ancient Sri Ananthapadmanabha Swami temple near Kumbla here to which Sri Padmanabha Swami shrine in Thiruvananthapuram believed to have the umbilical bond, still stands tall, encircled by the sprawling serene lake, even as the shrine is yet to be turned into a full-fledged pilgrim tourism hot spot. The 3,000 years odd old lake temple, first of its kind in the State, at Ananthapura, 5 km east

Massive £5 million Hindu temple planned for Exeter

Submitted by Team TOI on 26 September 2017

The Hindu community in Exeter is fund-raising to build a giant temple in the city, set to be “the biggest in Europe”. The £5 million plan includes a huge, ornately carved temple similar to the giant temple in Neasden, London - but even bigger. “In all, we are looking for a site of four acres,” said Exeter property developer Prem Sivlal, who is spearheading the project.

Religious fervour Marks Rathotsava In Kalaburagi

Submitted by Team TOI on 18 March 2017

Sharanabasaveshwar Rathotsava was celebrated with religious fervour here on Friday. Tens of thousands of devotees turned up to witness the famous car festival, which marked the 195th death anniversary of the saint-philosopher Sharanabasaveshwar. The day also marked the peetarohana of the Sharanabasaveshwar Samsthan by the eighth Peetathipati of the Samsthan Poojya Dr Sharanabasavappa Appa.

The Only Hindu Temple On The Planet Where People Are Scared To Go

Submitted by Team TOI on 9 March 2017

Going to temples to pray and seek blessings or on festive occasions for rejoicing etc. has become synonymous with the Indian way of life. To put it simply, people cutting across religions in our country love visiting temples and places of worship. But did you know, that there's a lone example of a temple in India which people are scared to visit?