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Jain Site Near Maddur Fascinates Visitors With 1000 Year Old Inscriptions

Arthipura is a small village near Maddur in Mandya district. It is located 5 km south of Kokkare Bellur. It has two small hillocks, Shravanabetta and Chikkabetta or Kanakagiri. Last year, archaeologists from ASI Bangalore found Jain temple complexes belonging to the earlier western Ganga dynasty. These temple complexes have granite Adishtanas and brick walls.

Ancient Jain Teerthankar’s Statue Found In Kaushambi

A 4.5 ft tall stone statue of 23rd Jain Teerthankar Parshavnathji believed to be about 1000-year-old was discovered by some fishermen from the Yamuna in Kaushambi area on Wednesday. The finding strengthens the fact that the region was a key centre for the Jains for ages. The statue has now been kept at a famous Jain temple in Kaushambi. Sources said fishermen at Gurbuj Ghat in Gadhwa Kosam Inam

Champasak Discovers A Stupa

Champasak’s Wat Phou World Heritage Office will submit a recently discovered Hindu-era stupa to the provincial governor’s office for approval as a new tourist attraction. Vientiane Times quoted the office director, Oudomsy Keosaksith, saying the stupa discovered at Nongdinchi temple on Phou Malong mountain in Phonthong district probably pre-dates the Angkor era in neighbouring Cambodia. “The stupa