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Hanging Pillar - Lepakshi Temple Andhra Pradesh

The small historical village of Lepakshi is home to many ancient relics and architectural marvels. One of them is the Hanging Pillar of the Lepakshi temple. Amongst the 70 pillars of the temple, one hangs without any support Visitors pass objects under the pillar to check if the claim is true. According to locals, passing objects under the pillar brings prosperity to one's life.

Tatwani Temple Dharamshala

Almost 25 km from Dharamshala, the Tatwani temple is popular among both local people and foreign tourists. It houses hot water springs and waterfalls. The water springs are adequately warm for a comfortable dip. It is believed that the water of the pools possesses healing properties.The water can cure many ailments like muscle ache, poor blood circulation, and even arthritis.

Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur

Om Banna Temple, popularly known as the ‘Bullet Baba Temple’, witnesses many devotees offering bangles, jewellery, red coloured strings every day. It is believed that the soul of Om Banna assists troubled tourists. The story behind this temple is as interesting as its name. One day, Om Banna, a resident of Chotila village was travelling from Bangdi to Chotila on a Royal Enfield and lost control.

Babia The Crocodile Guardian In Kerala

The story of the guardian crocodile. From very ancient times, one crocodile has been seen there. Though devotees used to take bath in the tank there is no instance of it harming anyone. Babia is the name by which this guardian is known to the world. It is the local guardian and the messenger of the temple. The only food that Babia takes is the offerings of the devotees.

Karni Mata Temple Prasad

The temple dates back to 15th century and was built under Maharaja Ganga Singh’s rule of Bikaner. Temple houses around 20,000 rats that are fed, protected and worshipped. Rats can be seen here eating from huge metal bowls of milk, sweets and grains, the leftovers of which are offered to the visitors.