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Kedareshwar Cave Of Fort Harishchandragad Maharashtra

Rock-hewn Kedareshwar cave of Fort Harishchandragad, Maharashtra, India. Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Local legend holds that when the fourth pillar breaks, the world will come to an end. The cave of Kedareshwar, in which there is a big Shivlinga, which is totally surrounded by water. The total height from its base is five feet, and the water is waist-deep.

Religious fervour Marks Rathotsava In Kalaburagi

Sharanabasaveshwar Rathotsava was celebrated with religious fervour here on Friday. Tens of thousands of devotees turned up to witness the famous car festival, which marked the 195th death anniversary of the saint-philosopher Sharanabasaveshwar. The day also marked the peetarohana of the Sharanabasaveshwar Samsthan by the eighth Peetathipati of the Samsthan Poojya Dr Sharanabasavappa Appa.

The Only Hindu Temple On The Planet Where People Are Scared To Go

Going to temples to pray and seek blessings or on festive occasions for rejoicing etc. has become synonymous with the Indian way of life. To put it simply, people cutting across religions in our country love visiting temples and places of worship. But did you know, that there's a lone example of a temple in India which people are scared to visit?

Ravana Temple Vidisha

The Ravana Temple is unusual to many Indians as in the Hindu mythology Ravana is depicted as a demon who kidnapped Sita. This might be true to others but not for people of Ravangram village in Vidisha district. The people of Ravangram village worship an ancient 10 feet idol of Ravana in a reclining position.