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Sai Baba was a saint who practised and preached love to all. He was a spiritual guru (teacher) who transcended the boundaries of all religions. His philosophy is based on ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’. He got his name from two words combined, ‘Sai’ meaning holy or saintly and ‘Baba’ meaning father, therefore, he is considered the holy father or saintly father. He is also called ‘Sakshat Eshwar’ which makes him an incarnation of God. Some people consider him the incarnation of Shiva (one of the Supreme Gods of Hindus, also known as the Destroyer) and some of Dattatreya (the collective name given to the Hindu trinity consisting of Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver and Shiva) and some of Krishna (incarnation of Vishnu).
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