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Vedavathi River

The Vedavathi is a river in India. It rises from the Western Ghats and flows through the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh . The Vedavathi is also called the Hagari in parts of Andhra Pradesh. Two rivers, the Veda and Avathi, arise in the eastern part of the Sahyadri Hill range, flow east, and join concert near Pura to form the Vedavathi. On the banks of the Vedavathi, there is a famous temple devoted to Shri Anjaneya at Kellodu, Hosadurga Taluk. The Vani Vilasa Saagara reservoir constructed across river Vedavathi dates back a century.Vanivilas Sagar is also known as Marikanive and this was the first dam built by Sir M Vishweswariah and known first natural reservoir built between two hills.
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