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Submitted by admin on 2 August 2016

Built by the great emperor Asoka during 3rd Century BC, this is one of the best-preserved gateways (‘Toran' or Dwar’ in hindi) of the four you find in Sanchi Stupa. However, the wheel in the uppermost area is in broken condition this Toran.

The carvings on the gateway show the scenes from Lord Buddha’s life. Both the pillars are supported by four elephants facing different directions. The gateway is crowned with a wheel of law which is in broken condition.

Coming to Stupa, This hemispherical dome-shaped structure is around 100 ft in diameter and 50 ft in height. Apparently, it seems to be made of bricks and mortar. There is a raised terrace with the fence around the dome-shaped Stupa.

The Stupa is accessible from 4 sides through magnificently carved gateways depicting the epics of lord budha’s life and morale stories called ‘Jataka’s. It is learned that each of these gateways has been made from carving out a single stones weighing more than 400 tonnes.

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