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Alagramam Ancient Digambar Jain Temple is located in Alagramam Village, Tindivanam. The 1st Thirtankara Of Jainism 1008 Sri Adinath Bagwan is the Moolavar. In This Jain Temple from 1894 An Annual Brahmotsavam is been Conducted Every Year for Past 123 Years.


Alagramam Jain temple was built in between 17th Century. The Temple is in the center Place of Alagramam Village. The Temple Was Built Step by Step in between 17th-18th Century. Before Constructing the Temple in Alagramam Village People who was living in Alagramam used to go for Keezh Idayalam Jain Temple or Avani Avittam to Wear Poonal. After Some Years Alagramam Jain People Decided To Built A Temple in Alagramam Village. On the Day Of Avani Avittam, they took A Small Lord Parshwanath Idol from Keezh Idayalam Temple To Alagramam And Build A Small Temple on the Occasion of Avani Avittam to Wear Poonal. After Some Days The Temple Construction Work Started. The Temple was Built Step by Step. The first Tirthankarar Adinath is The moolavar of this temple. A Separate Temple is Built For Sri Dharma Devi Amman and for Sri Brahma Devar. A Separate Panduga Silai Mandabam is Constructed.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest Bus stop is Alagramam

The nearest Railway station is Mailam Rail Way Station and Perani Rail Way Station.

By Air

The nearest Airport is Chennai Airport.


Alagramam Jain Temple Tindivanam

Timings and Events

Daily Morning: 06:00am - 07:30am, Daily Evening: 06:30pm - 08:30pm.


Brahmotsavam, Avani Avittam

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