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The Jain Temple in Alleppey is a place of worship for Jains in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It was important in the growth of Jainism in South India. It is situated on the Northeast side of the Muppalam at the famous Gujarati Street in Alleppey town.


The temple was built by members of the forty-two Jain families brought from the Kutch district of Gujarat. They were brought to Alleppey over a hundred years ago during the reign on Dewan Raja Kesavadas for the industrial development of the township of Alleppey. There are two shrines, one over 100 years old and the newer one was built nearly 22 years ago. The temple has an important role in the socio-economic culture of Alleppey.A trust elected from the 24 Jain families that currently reside in Alleppey looks after the administrative affairs of the temple.There are only 14 Jain families currently residing in Alleppey and it is this temple that acts as their community’s spiritual center, closely observing and following Jain rites, tradition and rituals and the street commonly known as Gujarati Street.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport
The nearest Bus stop Alappuzha.
The nearest Railway station is Alappuzha
By Air
The nearest Airport is Cochin International Airport.

Alleppey Jain Temple Alappuzha

Timings and Events

The festival of the temple is called “Parva paryushana” and the same is conducted once every year. The festival lasts for eight days and it is usually celebrated in the month of August–September.

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