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Aparna Shakthi Peeth is the place where Devi Sati’s left ankle fell. Here Devi is worshipped as Aparna or Arpana one who ate nothing and Lord Shiva as Bairabha.


After Sati’s self-immolation, when Shiva began the dance of destruction across the universe, Lord Vishnu had hurled his Sudarshan Chakra at the burnt corpse. Various parts of Sati’s body had fallen in different parts of the Indian subcontinent. It is said that Sati’s left ankle had fallen in Bhabanipur, although there are various conflicting theories and sources which say that it wasn’t her left ankle but her right eye or the ribs of the left side of her chest. Because of its status as a Shakti Peeth, Bhabanipur has been an important site for Hindu pilgrims, irrespective of the sect.


Aparna Shakthi Peetha Bangladesh

Temple Legend

There is a legend saying that while once a conch-bangles dealer was passing by the side of a lonely pond in a dense jungle near the then Bhabanipur temple, a little girl with a tip of vermilion on her forehead approached him and told him that she was the daughter of the Natore Rajbari (Palace). She bought a pair of conch-bangles from him and requested him to collect the price of that bangles from the then Maharani Bhabani from a basket kept in the Rajbari at a specified place. Her appearance and polite words overwhelmed the conch-dealer. The Maharani (Queen) rushed to the place/site with her men and the conch-dealer as soon as she heard this from him. On the earnest prayer by the conch-dealer, Ma Bhabani raised from that pond showing her two wrists with the conch-bangles worn. The Maharani and the men present there were surprised, and the divinity of Mother Bhabani spread throughout this subcontinent. This is that sacred "Shakha-Pukur" (conch-bangles pond) where the devotees take their holy bath when they go there.

Extra Information

Bhawanipur village is on the banks of river Karatoya, 28 K.m from Sherpur (Serapur). We can go to Bhabanipur from Dhaka via Jamuna Bridge. After passing Chandaikona in Sirajganj District, we reach Ghoga Bot-tola bus stop, from where Bhabanipur mandir is nearby (By availing ourselves of van or scooter). Pilgrims from the districts located to the North of Bogra reach Bhabanipur by passing through Sherpur, Mirzapur and Ghoga Bot-tola of Bogra district. “Shakha-Pukur”, a holy pond of Bhabanipur, is believed as Shaktipeeth. Combined Armed forces of Bangladesh demolished the Bhabani temple in the name of unauthorized structure. Now, “Bhabanipur Temple Renovation, Development and Management Committee” was established for the purpose of bringing the temple into limelight. As there is no idol for the goddess (Aparna/ Arpana), a Kali murti was consecrated.

Timings and Events

Navaratri is celebrated in Ashwija masa (Sep- Oct). Special pujas and Yagnas are held during Navaratri. Other festivals celebrated are Deepavali and Ram Navami. A mela is celebrated in the month of Baishaka, according to Bengali calendar.

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