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Arahanthgiri Jain Math is a Jain Matha that established near Tirumalai in August 1998.The Math is headed by Bhattaraka Dhavalakeerthi.


History of Arahanthgiri Jain Math starts from the period of 322–185 BCE as the Last ‘Shrutkevali’ Bhadrabahu expected to stay at this place. He stayed at this place to practice meditation and “Swadhyaya” along with 8000 other saints. The Village Thirumalai where this Jain Math is located is also known as Arhatsugiri or Arihantgiri. This more than 2,000 years old temple is near Tirumala. The complex is now managed by Archaeological Survey of India.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport
The Puducherry – Krishnagiri national highway, NH 66 and the Villupuram – Mangalore National highway NH 234 pass through Tiruvannamalai.
The nearest railway station is Tiruvannamalai.
By Air
The nearest airport is at Chennai.

We can find the 18 feet Neminath Idol on the top of the hill having 140 steps at this location.This idol is believed to be dated as old as 12th century. A very famous south Indian movie has been shot around the theme of Neminatha. We can see various ancient caves existing in this Jain Math along with 18 feet idol of Neminath and hundreds of Religious books.


Arahanthgiri Jain Math Tiruvannaamalai

Timings and Events

Mahavir Jayanti

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