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Brief History of this Temple

The temples in Avantipur are both situated on the road south-east of Srinagar and are very easy to find. The two temples dating from the 9th century are only 1 km apart. One is a Shiva Temple, which is renovated and in daily use. The larger, the Avantiswami Temple is now a ruin. King Awantivarman, who ruled Kashmir from 853 to 888 AD built both temples and dedicated the larger, the Avantiswami Temple to the Hindu God Vishnu.

The likeness to the Sun Temple in Marstrand is striking. Both the Sun Temple and the Avantiswami Temple shows an outward appearance of Greek architecture. The temples are built by the same materials, a sandstone, which has not proven its durability very well over the centuries. Both temples are highly eroded and not much is left of the very rich carvings, that has been all over the temple surfaces. In the 18th century the Avantiswami Temple was excavated by the English. Some idols were taken to museums in England, but quite a few can still be seen in the SPS Museum in Srinagar.

Sculpture in this Temple

The original complex consists of a temple in the middle of a spacious oblong courtyard, surrounded by four small shrines at the four corners. A pillared, open sided mandapa is seen in front of the staircase of the main shrine containing within Garudadvaja. The temple is effectively distributed with excellent carvings and sculptures which are an exemplary example of architecture and art. It is said that Avantiswami temple has gone almost 20 ft deep under the earth and that only the apex is visible.

Avantiswami is a small temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The original grandeur of the temple has been lost and all that can be seen is the remains of the architectural fragments on the Srinagar-Jammu road. Avantiswami temple was built on the bank of Vitasta river. Avantiswami is a well-preserved temple. The edifice is comprised of a collonaded kind of enclosing a paved courtyard. The main shrine is built on a double base with four small shrines at four corners. The bases are intact but the sanctum has almost disappeared.


Awanti Swami Temple Awantipora

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Temple Events
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By Road

All kind of transports are available from Srinagar to reach Awantipora. Srinagar is well linked by road with most of the cities in Jammu and Kashmir.

By Rail

The closest railway station is Srinagar

By Air

The nearest airport is located at Srinagar.

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