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The Vairagad Fort is famous for the ancient temple of Lord Bhadreshwar. The fort lies on the banks of river Khobragadi and Sati and belongs to the kingdom of Nag. An Italian survey states that there might have been a diamond mine in the place. The name ‘Vairagad’ is said to be derived from the Hindi word ‘ Vajrakar’ which means ‘Diamond mine’.


The fort was built by the rulers of the Gond dynasty, whose residence was within the fort. The fort served to protect the rulers and their kingdom from enemy threats.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The Gadchiroli district is well connected to other adjoining districts such as Chandrapur, Bhandara and Nagpur through roadways. The town of Gadchiroli is situated about 180 Kms from Nagpur and 80 Kms from Chandrapur. MSRTC buses ply regular bus services from these places to Gadchiroli. It takes around 4 hrs to reach Gadchiroli from Nagpur. Private luxury buses are also operated from Nagpur and Chandrapur to Gadchiroli.

The nearest station at Chandrapur railway station is at a distance of 80 km. Gadchiroli has approximately 18.5 km of railway lines passing through it.

By Air

The nearest airport is at Nagpur which is around 180 km from Vairagad.

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