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Dimapur Jain Temple was built in 1947. The temple is architecturally very well built and has an impressive structure. The temple has some intricate glass work. The temple is considered very auspicious by the people of Dimapur. 


During the pre-independence era, most of the Jain families were settled in Kohima. The first Jain temple in Nagaland was built in Kohima in 1920 by 8 Sethi families. However, these families moved to Dimapur in 1944 due to Japanese invasion during the IInd World war. These families then built the Dimapur Jain Temple, SD Jain School, SD Jain Charitable Hospital. The most prominent among these were Shri Phulchand Sethi, Shri Jethmal Sethi, Shri Kanhaiyalal Sethi and Shri Chunnilal Sethi. Shri Phulchand Sethi was the first secretary of the SD Jain Samaj, Dimapur and continued in this post till 1976. Shri Udayram Ji Chabra was the first president of the SD Jain Samaj followed by Shri Jethmal Sethi. The first Jain temple in Nagaland was established in Kohima. The temple was established in 1920 by 8 Sethi families, who were the first on naga settlors in Nagaland, prominent among them being Hardev Sethi, Hiralal Sethi, Phulchand Sethi. These families then moved to Dimapur in 1944 due to Japanese invasion during World War II. These families established the Jain temple in Dimapur in 1947.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport
The nearest Bus stop is Numaligarh.
The nearest Railway is Dimapur Railway station.
By Air
The nearest Airport is Dimapur Airport.
The Moolnayak of the temple is Lord Mahavira. In the back portion of the temple, the statues of Lord Adinath, Lord Bahubali, Lord Bharat Swami stand tall. The back portion was built later in 1989. The Panch kalyanak of the statues was conducted by Ganini Shri Suparshmati Mataji in 1989. On the first floor is the Samavsaran and the Chaubisi.
Timings and Events
Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan

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