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Ayodhya, Kashi, Kanchi likewise we have seven sacred places. People who cannot visit those sacred places have their one day stay at Ekachakrapuram is equal to the visit of those 7 sacred places. The place where Pandavas lived Ekacharapuram now named as Bodhan and inaugurated Shiv Ling by Parasurama is now Ekachakreswara Swamy.


In the city of Ekachakra, the Pandavas stayed in the guise of Brahmanas, begging for their food in the streets. There is a cave near the city, where lived a cruel and terribly strong rakshasa named Bakasura. This rakshasa was said to issue from his cave, mad with hunger, and indiscriminately kill and eat the men, women and children of the city. The citizens prayed to the rakshasa to come to some sort of bargain in place of this rampant slaughter.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest bus stop is Nizamabad

The nearest railway station is Nizamabad

By Air

The nearest Airport is Shamshabad Hyderabad.


Ekachekreshwara Shivmandir Bodhan

Temple Legend

Ekachakrapuram is one of the places where Pandavas had visited during their vanavasam. During that period, a demon named Bakasura resided at this place and attack the people in this village kills as many people he finds in order to feed himself. On an agreement, the people in this village use to send some food and a person as food for him everyday in order to avoid his attacks. Saint Sandilya did tapas for Lord Parameshwar to save this village and the Lord informed that Demon Bakasura will be killed very soon. Later, Bheema had killed Bakasura. Likewise, Pandavas had lived for some period over here in Ekachakrapuram. In Dwaparayug, Ekachakrapuram has been declared as Bodhan with evidence mentioned in the 5 episodes of Ekachakra Mahatyam in Mahabharat as follows: As per geographical facts, the river Haridra, river Manjira, Panduteertham, Chakra teertham exist in Bodhan, that is why Ekachakrapuram is known as Bodhan.

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