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The temple for Sri Hanuman is known as Hanuman Garhi and is located in a fort situated at the western gate of Ram Kot.Hanuman Garhi is actually a cave temple that is approachable by a flight of 76 steps. The manner in which this temple has been carved out is mesmerising. One has to take the curved flight of stairs to reach this spot that is said to be once inhabited by Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman was the escort and guard of Lord Rama during and after his campaign against Lanka.Hanuman Garhi is a massive structure in the shape of a four-sided fort with circular bastions at each corner.


On the western gate of Ramkot Vikramaditya got a temple constructed which later on came to be known as Hanuman Tila and then became famous as Hanuman Garhi. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman lived here and guarded the Ramkot. This temple was built by the Nawab of Awadh with the help of Sant Abhyaramdas.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

Ayodhya is 6 km (4 mi) from Faizabad. Ayodhya has good road connectivity with Lucknow (135 km), Varanasi (200 km), Allahabad (165 km) and Gorakhpur (175 km).

A good rail network connects Ayodhya directly with Lucknow (three hours) and Varanasi (four hours).

By Air

The nearest airports are those of Lucknow (135 km) and Varanasi (200 km).


Hanuman Garhi Ayodhya

Temple Legend

Legend has it that Hanuman lived here in a cave and guarded the Janambhoomi or Ramkot. The main temple contains the statue of Maa Anjani, with Bal Hanuman seated on her lap. The faithful believe that all their wishes are granted with a visit to this holy Place.

Extra Information

A very good accommodation is available in the city.

Timings and Events

The main festival fairs are held here every year is: 1. Rama Navami 2. Dussehra 3. Deepawali

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