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Temple is one of the most popular Hindu temples in Delhi. The shrine is marked by the colossal 108ft statue of Lord Hanuman and can be seen from the both Jhandewalan and Karol Bagh metro station. Tuesdays are quite crowded here, despite the fact that the temple stays open every day. Other than the massive effigy of Lord Hanuman, which fairly does its job of attracting devotees and tourists, the entrance of the temple is also an attraction. The entrance door has been carved in a shape of the mouth of the deity and one can reach the main hall of the shrine through a passageway.


During the evening Aarti, the arms of Hanuman’s giant statue move back, the chest slides open and the beautiful images of Lord Shri Rama & Devi Sita protrudes to give darshan to all the devotees. Certainly a dazzling sight


The entrance to the temple resembles the open mouth of a Rakshas or a monster, which has been slain and is in the throes of its impending death. It perhaps tells the story of one of the numerous such monsters vanquished by Lord Hanuman in his illustrious life in the service of Shri Rama. At the base of the statue, close to the feet of the idol, lies a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali which according to some experts on Hindu scriptures & religion is not appropriate.


Hanuman Mandir Jhandewalan

Timings and Events

Hanuman Jayanthi, Ramanavami,

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