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Hanuman Temple at the summit is one of the attractions of the Anjeyanadri Hill. It is also known as the monkey temple. It is a sacred pilgrimage center for the Hindus. The temple is a white-washed structure. The roof has a pyramid structure with a small red dome at the top. A red flag flutters in the air and is easily visible from a far-off distance.This hill believed to be the birthplace of Hanuman is located in the center of Anegondi area


Anjeyanadri Hill is considered to be the site of the monkey kingdom Kishkindha mentioned in the epic Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Hanuman was born at this place. Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjaneya. Hence, the hill has been given the name of Anjeyanadri. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman on top of the hill.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The road network to reach Hampi is quite good. Hampi is well connected to several towns and cities by means of the road network. There are several buses that connect Hampi to the nearby places. Visitors can hire private cars and vehicles from Bangalore or Mysore to reach Hampi.

The Nearest station located at Hospet. Hampi is easily reachable from Hospet as there are frequent buses that connect the two places. 

By Air

The Nearest Airport is at Bellary 63 KM.


The icon of Hanuman is carved on the rock. Also is the small shrine for Rama and his consort Sita inside the temple.


Hanuman Temple Hampi

Extra Information

There are more than 550 steps to reach the summit of the hill. Though the climb involves a large number of steps, it is quite safe to ascend the hill due to the presence of the stone stairs. A cool breeze helps visitors in their climb. But the main attraction is the view of the surrounding that the hill offers. The sight of the valley and the Tungabhadra River flowing below offers a mesmerising sight. There are plenty of monkeys to be found on the hill. The congregation of monkeys can be seen near the Hanuman temple at the top as well. Anjeyanadri Hill offers one of the most amazing views of the sunset in Hampi. It is a great route for trekkers who seek to enjoy a good climb.

Timings and Events

Hanuman Jayanthi

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