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This vast temple was built by the racial king Chauhan in the 8th century. King Chand was the ruler of Abhaneri which was used to call AbhaNagri over that time. This temple is situated in the double style shiver. The scheme of the temple involves the sanctum style of architect where a mandap is based on the pillars.

During the age of reign, king Chand builds a Temple Of Durga was built by him. It was believed by everyone that the peace and happiness in abhaneri are due to the blessings of goddess Harshat and thus, every lived to prosper and joyful life under the advisory of goddess Harshat. During the rule of mughal and Turkish invaders in order to divide the religious beliefs, the magnificent temples of North India were destroyed, Harshat Goddess temple was one of them. Ever after the destruction the local people tried to collect the small pieces and rebuild the temple. The temple was not the same but was carrying the same faith and conviction that was there earlier. This temple was fragmented but still people have wholehearted faith and believe in goddess Harshat and still come here for the blessings. The temple is around three thousand years old, but still, the people are protected by the cherishment and devotion towards the temple one carry in their heart. This temple is a must visit to see the fragmented visit but still the same conviction of people towards the temple.
how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport
Jaipur, the pink city is linked with the all the major cities of India through the network of National Highways 8, 11 and 12 to name a few. There's also a very good bus service between Jaipur and Delhi provided by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) with the buses at about every half an hour to and from both sides. There are non-AC and AC Volvo buses in which the fare of the AC bus is more.
Here are three main railway junctions including Jaipur, the main station; Gandhinagar and Durgapara. Every train stops at Jaipur junction and a few of the trains stop at Gandhinagar and Durgapara.
By Air
The Jaipur Airport is situated at Sanganer,7 km domestic terminal and 10 km international terminal from the main city.
The sanctum and the cell also called Mandap is ciscurlar based architect where the outer walls involve the brahmans bahdra niches of gods which carved images. Religious fine sculptures seculars the scenes of life which are around the upper shiver which is also the main feature of the temple.

Harshat Mata Temple Dausa

Extra Information
The best time to visit Abhaneri is in the months of October to March.
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