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Harshnath Temple is 14 km. away from SIKAR is an ancient site famous for the ruins old Shiva Temple located on the high hills of Aravali. The architectural display of the old temple is breathtaking. There is an another Shiva temple built by Shiv Singh of SIKAR in the 18th century.


This Shiv temple, according to an inscription dated 973 CE, was built by the Shiv ascetic Bhavarakta, during the reign of Chahamana king Vigraharaja. It is surrounded by various shrines which lie in ruins.The original temple was later destroyed by Mugal Emperor Aurangjeb in 1679 AD. In 1718 AD, Rao Shivsingh made a new temple adjacent to the old temple using the ruins of the old temple

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest Bus stop is Sikar

The nearest Railway station ios Sikar

By Air

The nearest Airport is Jaipur


The temple & its surrounding shrines are now in ruins. The main temple faces east. Its pillars are profusely carved. On the inside west wall is carved a figure of standing Parvati in panchagnitap along with her female attendants


Harshnath Temple Harshnath

Timings and Events

Harshnath temple is largely known among the local people, adherent devotees and pilgrim for the grand celebration of Mahashivarathri in a religious manner. At this temple, all Lord Shiva related auspicious days and festive days are celebrated in a grand manner. The Shiva pooja is the major attraction of this shrine. Most of the people attend this pooja with keen interest along with their family members, relatives and close friends. It is to be remembered that most of the religious affairs are conducted as per the auspicious time of the specified day at this shrine.

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