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Jain Center of Greater Phoenix is a Jain temple in Phoenix, Arizona. It was established 25 years ago. It represents about 150 families in the Phoenix metro area.


In the total Jain population in Phoneix, about half live in the East Valley. Most arrived in the 1980s, at which time they did not have a permanent meeting place and met in local elementary schools. In 2005, JCGP acquired 4 acres of land for building a Jain Temple in Phoenix. Pratistha event was held from December 20 to December 26, 2008. The temple is located at 6250 S. 23rd Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85041 USA. The Hindu community also has a temple on another four acres next to the Jain Center, known as the Shree Nathji temple.


The building uses white Makrana marble on the inside. The primary deities have been brought in from India, 51-inch high statues of Mahavir and Adinath. Behind the primary deities, 24 inches have been carved out to include 15-inch-high statues of Tirthankara. Above the sanctum sanctorum, a 61 feet pinnacle or shikhara has been constructed. The entrance of the temple includes a sandstone archway and a 41-foot Manastambha (nonviolence monument) stands outside the temple.


Jain Center Of Greater Phoenix USA


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