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Janasthan Shakti Peetha is the most famous Shakti Peetha where it is said that the “Chin” of Maa Sati fell and the idols are Devi Maa as Bhramari and Lord Shiva as Vikritaksh Bhairav. Other names are Devi as Chibuka  and Shiva as Sarvasiddhish. It is also known as Goddess Saptashrungi located in Vani, Nasik,Maharashtra, India.


A marvellous power of the Universe - “Jansthan shakti peetha” of a dark goddess ‘Kalika’ is one of the historic places in India, where the divine power is worshipped as a Devi Shakti -“Bharamari” by Hindu devotees. According to the Hindu legends, it is whispered that Devi Sati’s “Chin”fell here. The main idols of this legendary divine place are Devi as “Chibuka or Bhramari”  and Lord Shiva as “Sarvasiddhish”  or “Vikrakatakkha” , worshipped here. The holy place is dedicated to Maa Durga and Lord Shiva. Besides, according to the another fairy tale, a divine power – Kalika  destroys egocentric devils, despite the fact that Goddess is surrounded by black bees .

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

Rail:Nearest railhead is Nashik

By Air

The nearest airport is Nashik.


The image of the Devi is huge-about 10 feet tall with 18 hands, holding various weapons like;- String of Beads, Battle Axe, Mace, Arrow, Thunderbolt, Lotus, Bow,Water Pot, Cudgel, Lance, Sword, Shield, Conch, Bell, Cup, Trident, Noose, Spinning Disc (Sudarsana Chakra). The idol is always coated with Sindoor, which is considered auspicious in this region. She is also known as Mahishasur Mardini, the slayer of the demon Mahishasur, who took the form of a buffalo. Hence, at the foot of the hill, from where one starts climbing the steps, there is the head of a buffalo, made in stone which is believed to be a demon.


Janasthan Devi Temple Nashik

Temple Legend

Among the ancient seers, Sage Markandeya and Sage Parashar(the first worldly incarnation of Sriman Narayan as the son of Kashyap and Aditi) completed their tapas char ya at or near Saptashrungi. Sant Dnyaneshwar, in Dnyaneshwari, his commentary on the Gita, mentions that his father, Vitthalpant, had also visited Saptashrungi. At a later point, Nivruttinath, the elder brother of Dnyaneshwara, is said to have visited Saptashrungi, and then moved on for his Samadhi at Tryambakeshwar near Nashik.

Extra Information

Other places that can be visited nearby Nashik is nearby and the best tourist destination for people coming here. As we are well aware of the fact that this region is blessed with the cultivation of graves, so this can prove to be good food items for the visitors. On the other hand, Mumbai is just 171 KM from here and people can head to this economic city too. Muktidham, Pandavleni Caves are some of the interesting places to visit nearby.

Timings and Events

Navaratri that falls two times in a year- one in the month of March or April and other in the September or October month depending on the Hindu calendar, is the major festival here. One major festival that is celebrated is the ‘MAHA KUMBH MELA’ and comes after every 12 years. The whole ambience of a temple during this festival is mesmerising to see and people all over the country come here to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Navaratri is celebrated with full energy, faith, dedication and devotion. Navaratri is celebrated for over 9 days, with some people not eating any type of food that is derived from the soil for these nine days. Special ceremonies and rituals are carried during these days. Another festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm is the ‘Shivaratri’.

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