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Lord Sukra Temple is one of the nine Navagraha sthalas located in the Cauvery Delta region dedicated to planet Venus, called Sukra. The main deity, Agniswarar in the form of lingam depicts Lord Sukra


At the bank of the river Ganges, Sages like Sounagar started the holy sacrifice namely sathrayaagam. Mahapouraanigarsoothamaamunivar takes abode, after the completion of the twelve years holy sacrifices. Sounakaathisaints served and worshipped him. They welcomed and enjoyed with him by saying that he is the one who is able to make the earth get rid of all the sins and they also declared that the place becomes very sacred after his arrival.

Immediately, Soothamaha sage looked at them and said them that there is a specialised place better that this Ganges River nears the Vadacauvery which removes all the sins and provides luxurious life. This Cauvery river flows as Uttaravahini in the sacred place called Kamsapuram. This shrine is the chief of the entire Shiva temple and it is represented as Punnaagavanam in Krithayugam, Kathaleevanam in Threthayugam, Vilvavanam in Thvaaparayugam and Palaasavanam in Kaliyugam.

The outstanding traits of this temple are that the Paranoia condition of Parasaara saint had been cured, Albinism disease of Agni God had been cured, Kamsarajan had been cured of all his diseases, Chandhiran, Sithirasenan, Indiran had been relieved from all their sins, the hunter Kalakandan attained his heavenly bliss, gods like Vishnu had got comforted from Shukradhosha and achieved luxurious life. The holy sacrifice that is done per day in this temple is equal to the thousand Sathrayagya. Taking soak once in this Vadacauvery River may give the benefits of taking a purifactory bath for twelve years in Ganges River.

He also said that Neetharkarmangal prepared here for ancestors are equal to those that are prepared in Kashi. Sounakathi saints more eagerly requested him to expand this palaasavanashethira myth. Soothamaamunivar started doing meditation on Agneesaperuman over the holy place of mercy ocean Karpagambal. Later, he contentedly said the Myth which was not able to reveal by AadhiSeshan who even has a thousand tongues.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

There are direct local bus services to Lord Sukra Temple from Mayavaram, Aduthurai, Thiruvidaimarudhur and Kumbakonam.

The nearest railway station to Lord Sukra Temple is Mayiladuthurai railway station which is 18 Km away from the temple.

By Air

The nearest airport to Lord Sukra Temple is Thanjavur airport, which is 46 Km away from the temple.


Similar to the Ganges River which runs in Kashi, here Cauvery River runs from South to North joining in Uttaravahini which is also known as Vadacauvery. After taking the purifactory bath from Vadacauvery, if we move towards the north, then the elegant, enchanting Agneeshwarar temple will be visible from the south.

The temple for Agneeshwarar and Karpaghambigai towards east has separate Celebration mandapam, Decorative mandapam, Vahanamandapam and Sixteen Foot mandapam with three prahar. To the south of the Agneeshwara Swami Sannathi, there is a place to devote Lord Shiva who has a separate Sannathi with Goddess Umadevi. Lord Shiva, who is called as "Mathisoodumperuman" is the one who can get us to rid from ShukraDosha.

At the exterior of the Rajagopuram, KarpagaVinayagar temple is located towards south and Haratattar temple is positioned towards the east in Sannathi Street. This temple is very sacred as it is surrounded by four rathaveethi's with ChandiraTheertha, ParaasaraTheertha and Agni Theertha along with Brahma Theertha popularly known as Cauvery


Lord Sukra Temple Thanjavur

Temple Legend

Legend is that Siva blessed Parasara muni here with cosmic dance.

Timings and Events

8AM to 9PM

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