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Brief History of this Temple

As per the belief, it is here, near the Naval tree, that Lord Muruga enlightened His famous Tamil devotee, ‘Avvai’ who was crazy of love and affection towards Him as a kid, and used to sing His names. The story goes as follows: Once Avvai was proceeding towards Madurai by foot. Damn tired of the long walk and the hot sun, she sat under the shade of the Naval tree. The Lord appeared in the disguise of a boy rearing cattle, and sat the Naval tree, eating its delicious fruits. He asked Avvai “why grandma, you appear to be so tired.

Do you need Naval fruits to get relief?” Glad to hear this, the old woman immediately replied in the affirmative. On hearing this, the Lord asked her again “Grandma, you need Hot fruits or cold fruits ?” Without realising the inner meaning, Avvai requested to give her . Hearing this, the boy shook the tree branches. The fruits fell on the ground. The old women took them, and to remove the sands sticking on it, puffed with her mouth. Seeing this, the boy mischievously and jokingly asked her. “Why Grandma, is the fruit really hot? Then eat it after it cools down”. Then the wisdom struck Avvai.She realised that all the living beings can be compared to fruits in this world. The sand around the fruits is equivalent to our craze for material things and affection towards human beings. To remove that affection Avvai realised not only the educated knowledge is enough and the need of spiritual importance.

Temple Legend
Temple Legend
Legends related to this Temple

The great Tamil poet and saint Avvaiyar was tested by Lord Muruga here. In an episode of Divine Play with Avvaiyar, one of the most famous devotees of Lord Muruga, the Lord enacted the following drama. One day Avvaiyar became tired while travelling under the hot sun and sought refuge under the shadow of a fruit tree, hungry and thirsty when a boy who sitting on the tree asked her whether she wanted fruits from the tree. When Avvaiyar told him that she did, the boy asked Avvaiyar whether she wanted roasted fruits or unroasted fruits.

Avvaiyar who was a famous Tamil poet and incredibly knowledgeable litterateur scoffed silently at the very thought of the existence of a "roasted fruit" and decided that the boy didn't have knowledge even about a fruit. However, tired as she was, she decided that she didn't want to argue with the boy and asked him to pick unroasted fruits for her, which the boy then proceeded to do. Several fruits fell out of the tree and Avvaiyar picked them up,blowing on them to remove the sand. Smiling, the boy asked Avvaiyar if she was blowing on his "roasted fruits" to cool them down. Avvaiyar was astonished as to how a small village cowboy could have played such an intelligent drama. Blowing on the fruit to remove the sand was indeed poetically comparable to an attempt to cool "roasted fruits".

Humbled by the immense poetic knowledge and clever wordplay of the boy, Avvaiyar begged the boy to reveal his true identity, unable to reconcile herself with the fact that a simple cowherd could have such profound thoughts. The boy then disappeared and in his place, Lord Muruga appeared. Avvaiyar, stunned to find herself in Divine Company, bowed in obeisance and realising the infinite nature of knowledge, prayed to Lord Muruga to bless her and continue bestowing his Infinite Grace on her to aid her virtually endless quest for knowledge.


Pazhamudircholai Murugan Temple Madurai

Temple Events
Temple Events
Events related to this Temple

Tamil New year; Vaikasi Vishakha; Aadi Krithikai; Aavani Pooram + annual Pradosham; Skanda Sashi; Mondays in the month of Karthikai; Day of Karthikai month when the krithika star occurs ; Painkuni Uthram.

Temple Timings
Temple Timings
Timings of this Temple

7 am to 7 pm.

By Road

One can reach Pazhamudircholai by car, van, two-wheeler or bus.From Madurai, one can catch the bus on route number 44 to reach it. There is a bus shuttle every 20 minutes from the foot of the hill to the Temple. It takes approximately 15 minutes (3.4 km) to reach the temple. Two wheelers must pay Rs. 15 for entry.

By Rail

By Railways: The nearest Railway Station is Madurai Railway Jn. From here you can hire taxis and buses to reach this temple.

By Air

By Flight: The nearest airport is Madurai Airport. From here you can hire taxis and buses to reach this temple

Extra Information

The prominence of the Shrine : Famous as the 6th shrine of the famous ‘Arupadai veedu’; the most auspicious 6 shrines of Lord Subrahmanya (Muruga); Believed to provide enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom to those who worship the Lord here. Devotees are recommended to keep all valuables safely locked away because of the constant presence of marauding monkeys.

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