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This temple was built by Bhima Shah, a minister of Sultan Begada of Ahmedabad. A massive metal statue of the first tirthankara, Rishabha Dev, cast in five metals, is installed in the temple. The main metal used in this statue is 'Pital', hence the name 'Pittalhar'. The Shrine consists of a main Garbhagriha, Gudh mandap and Navchowki.


Construction of Rangmandap and the corridor was left unfinished. The old mutilated idol was replaced and installed in 1468-69 AD weighing 108 maunds according to the inscription on it. The image was cast by an artist 'Deta' which is 8 ft. high, 5.5 ft. broad and the figure is 41 inches in height. In Gudh Mandap on one side, a big marble Panch-Tirthi sculpture of Adinath is installed. Some shrines ere constructed in 1474 and 1490, before construction was abandoned.


Pittalhar Temple Mount Abu

Extra Information

Best time to visit February-June and September-December

Timings and Events

Mahavir Jayanthi (mar-apr) Paryushana (aug-sep) Diwali(Oct-nov) Samvatsari(Aug-Sep)

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