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Brief History of this Temple

It is said that moon was to marry one of the daughters called as Rohini of King King Daksh Prajapati. But he married all the 27 daughters of the king. In a rage, King told the moon to get disappeared. In order to get his glow back, it is said that moon worshipped lord Shiva at Prabhas. There is no exact information available about the construction or establishment of this temple. It is a very ancient temple and the whole construction of this temple is done with the help of stones. All around the walls sculpture dedicated to gods are engraved on the stones. But people visiting this temple will surely find from local people about the existence of this temple and information related to its origin.

Temple Legend
Temple Legend
Legends related to this Temple

Moon married 27 daughters of King Daksh Prajapati. Out of 27 wifes moon started loving only one wife and started neglecting remaining wifes. Once 26 wife went to their father to the complaint regarding this, then King Daksha tried to convince Moon god, but when moon didn’t respect his uncle, king Daksha got the angry and cursed moon that he will lose his glow. In order to clear his curse, he started worshipping lord Shiva at Prabhas.

Sculpture in this Temple

Although there is no exact date when it was constructed, one can tell this is one of the ancient Hindu temples by looking at the architecture and sculptures. This temple is built with stones and its walls are engraved with sculptures dedicated to gods.


Prabhas Shakthi Peeth Gujarat

Temple Events
Temple Events
Events related to this Temple

Navaratri that falls two times in a year- one in the month of March or April and other in the September or October month depending on the Hindu calendar, is the major festival here. The whole ambience of a temple during this festival is mesmerising to see and people all over the country come here to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Navaratri is celebrated with full energy, faith, dedication and devotion. Navaratri is celebrated for over 9 days, with some people not eating any type of food that is derived from the soil for these nine days. Special ceremonies and rituals are carried during these days. Another festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm is the ‘Shivaratri’. Annually there is a famous fair held near to the Somnath temple. A very famous activity or you can say dance is performed by men and women together and it is called as ‘Garbha or Dandiya’ during the holy days of Navaratri.

By Road

Since Prabhas temple is located near to Ahmedabad, it is well connected with all parts of India.

By Rail

Railway: Veraval is the nearest railway station to this temple. From here you find several private buses floating to temple premises.

By Air

If you are reaching through air then nearest airport is at Keshod which is linked through Mumbai.

Extra Information

Place of Interests: There is a museum near to temple where you can find interesting items of lord Shiva. There are many hotspots like Triveni Sangam (Point of place where three rivers combine, here river Saraswati, Kapil and Hiran combine), Suraj temple, Geeta temple, Balramjiki gufa, Ahilyabai temple etc.

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