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The Sri Ranganthaswami Temple in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha a resting form of Lord Vishnu. This temple also called Talpagiri Ranganathaswami temple or Ranganayakulu is one of the oldest temples in Nellore. It is located on the banks of the Penna River and is believed to have been constructed in the 12th century.


Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple was built in 7th century by Pallava kings. The temple was later developed by the king Raja Mahendra Varma in the 12th century. The 7 storied main entrance gateway Gopura is 70 feet high appears huge. The images of Sages, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Maheshwara and sculptures reflect the architecture brilliance. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamavali- The 1000 different names of Lord Vishnu are penned on the walls of sanctum sanctorum. Devotees encircle the temple chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranamavali. Lord Ranganathaswamy is in the reclining posture on Anantha.There is a mirror house which stands as an attraction for the devotees. There is a separate shrine of Goddess Rajya Lakshmi Devi to the south of the main temple and Goddess Andal Ammavari shrine to the north.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

Buses are available from all major cities in Andhra Pradesh to Nellore which is 3 km away from the temple. Local buses are available to reach the temple.

Nearest railway station is Nellore Railway Station which is 4 km away. Bus services are available to visit the temple.

By Air

The Nearest airport is Tirupati Airport which is 127 km away. Bus and taxi services are available to access the temple.

Just before the main entrance of the temple is a huge tower, called Gaaligopuram, which literally means "wind tower". This tower is approximately 70 feet high and has 10 feet of gold-plated vessels on top of it, called kalashams.

Ranganatha Temple Nellore

Temple Legend

As per the legend, Lord Vishnu wanted to visit Bhooloka along with His consort Goddess Sridevi. He said Adisesha to be the place as Lord’s residence to stay at Bhooloka. Obeying the order of the Lord, Adisesha took the form as a mountain in this place. Thus the place is called as Talpagiri Kshethra. It is believed that sage Kashyapa performed Poundarika Yaga on Ekadasi day here. Lord appeared and blessed him.

Timings and Events

Sri Vari Brahmotsavam is celebrated in the month of March/April every year. Vaikunta Ekadasi is also celebrated annually witnessed by many devotees.

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