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This Temple is reserved for one of syambhu lingam.


It was in the month of November 1961, a villager went to collect cane in the dense forest of Rangaphahar reserve forest where he found a big stone lying which was almost covered by leafs and ropes. Seeing the stone he decided to sharpen his machet on it. When he did so, a kind of liquid like substance oozed out from the stone. He was very much surprised and returned home after collecting the cane. On that night he saw a dream where a Saint appeared before him and said that "I am the stone where you had to sharpen your machet today and, I am Lord Shiva, so kindly inform the villagers". But he did not take the dream seriously. Though he dreamt the same dream for three times he took it lightly, but in the fourth dream, he was warned by the Saint that if he fails to inform the villager's something bad would befall on him.

After that, he narrated the dream to the villagers, accordingly, the village leaders, villagers and priest of Singrijan went to the spot, where it was found lying in the dense forest. The priest and villagers present, seeing the stone confirmed that it is indeed "SHIVA LINGAM". The people present tried their best to make the stone stand, but in vain. The village priest advised all the villagers to pray at their respective homes so that, they find a way to make the lying 'SHIVA LINGAM' stand. An old man of the village saw a dream that the "SHIVA LINGAM" can be made to stand only if seven unmarried holy girls  offer milk and pray over there. Accordingly, it was performed and the villagers were able to make the stone stand. Thereafter, people started to worship the stone. A temporary temple has been establishing on the same spot by the villagers of Singrijan in the year of 1961.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest is bus stop is NST Bus stop

The nearest railway station is Dimapur.

By Air

The nearest Airport is Nagaland


Shiva Temple Dimapur

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