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Shri Kalyan Temple is a temple in Diggi, a town in Malpura tehsil, Tonk district, Rajasthan. Kalyan Ji is an incarnation of lord Vishnu.


The temple was supposedly built by King Digva 5600 years ago. King Digva was a king at who received leprosy through the anger of an apsara.Story-When Urvashi the apsara of Lord Indra was dancing inking Indra's darbar, she started laughing at Indra. Upset by this he cursed her and threw her out of the kingdom for 12 years. She resented then he told her to go to the mrityulok. There she served the saints and earned blessings in reward. When 12 years were to finish King Digva saw her in the garden. Impressed by her beauty he asked her to go with him in his palace she denied and told about she being belonging to Indra. Digva opposed and invited Indra to fight. Years pass and nobody wins. Indra cheats and wins and Urvashi curses him to suffer from leprosy. He meditates and god Vishnu blesses him that on the bank of the river an idol will appear. When the image was installed the king would be free from leprosy. Following this king, Digva discovered the Lord's image in stone and installed here.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest Bus stop is Malpura.

The nearest Railway station is Sakhun

By Air

The nearest Airport is Sanganeer Airport


In this temple, Vishnu himself is enshrined in the form of Kalyan Ji. The idol is in White marble. It bears four arms. The beauty of the idol is attractive and charming. Kalyan means benevolence and redemption from misery. The deity here blesses the visitors and believers with happiness and welfare and bestows on them all prosperity and worldly riches. He frees the devotees from miseries.


Shri Kalyan Temple Malpura

Timings and Events

5 AM to 9 PM



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