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Sri Krishna Temple is situated in the Lakshadweep, India. Thousands of devotees and pilgrims visit Sree Krishna Temple every month.

Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is a unique temple at Minicoy. There is conducting Bhajans on every Thursdays. After Bhajan, around 8:30 PM distributing Prasadams among the devotees. During Sabarimala Season, conducting Special Pooja’s and "Maha Prasadha Oot" sponsored by Devotees. Here Sree Krishnan seems as Bala Gopalan who pours out love and grace, inspires devotees in their great problems to solve the mystery and misery of life unmindful of all its ups and downs sorrows and joys, through the acquisition of skills and knowledge, ever alert in attaining the ultimate destiny of life, which is self-actualization.
how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport
The public bus services available at this place. You can take that to reach here. There also cab services. You can choose as your comfort.The nearest bus stop is Minicoy.
The nearest Railway station is Minicoy.
By Air
The nearest Airport is Agatti Airport.

Sri Krishna Temple Lakshadweep

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