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The idol of Lord Hayagriva is made of Salagrama stone. Lord and mother are embracing each other with their left and right hand respectively. Generally, idols are made showing Mother alone embracing Lord Hayagriva. As this idol shows both embracing each other, it is believed that worshipping the Lord and Mother in this form ensures stronger marital affinity among couples.


Baghwan Vishnu, at the time of Pralaya the end of the world then, kept all the beings in his belly, slept on the banyan leaf bed in the ocean. Later, for the re-creation of the world, he created Brahma from His Naval Chord and taught him the four Vedas. Brahma began the creation. Two water drops appeared on the naval leaf of Lord changed into two demons. As they were thus born to Lord Vishnu, they summed up the courage to snatch the creation profession from Brahma, stole the Vedas from Him and hid them in the deep underground- Pathala Loka.

Brahma surrendered to the Lord. Lord came to Pathala Loka and found the demons as two horses and therefore, He also took the form of the horse and began the war with the demons Madhu and Kaidapa. He defeated the demons and recovered the Vedas and returned them to Brahma. The Vedas felt that their sanctity was affected due to the touch of the demons and entreated the Lord to restore their dignity. Lord smelt them.

The Vedas got back their sacred status. As the Lord was furious after the war against the demons, it is said that Sri Mahalakshmi was requested to cool him. Installing Mahalakshmi on His lap, the Lord came to be known as Lakshmi Hayagriva. Hayagriva-Lord with a horse face. Lord Hayagriva is worshipped as Lord of Wisdom as He recovered the Vedas from the demons. Where there is wisdom, wealth joins there. The Lakshmi Hayagriva form combines wisdom and prosperity.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

The nearest bus stop is nanganallur.

The nearest railway station to nanganallur is Tambaram Railway Station which is 9 km away from Nanganallur Chennai

By Air

The nearest airport is Chennai International Airport.


Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivar Temple Nanganallur

Timings and Events

8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

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